Svirfneblin Inquisitor


It was a time of great struggle for the Svirfneblin community…
A great evil assaulted their gates day and night, leaving no time for rest….
But a light shone in the darkness of the underdark….

A small force of inquisitors came from the surface to aid their allies from the deep.
They brought down judgement against our enemies, putting their own lives on the line.
This is where my story begins…

My name is Bevrip, inherited from a great svirfneblin known as Belwar Dissengulp, the most honored burrow warden. At the time, I was still young and searching for my place in the world. As the inquisitor forces began to draw thin, they asked for volunteers. I was tired of sitting back and watching as my people were killed, so I enlisted to be trained as an inquisitor. Training was quick and dirty, taking a vow to battle against threats to the world, and a ritual that imbued us with powers from the divine. My father, seeing that I was about to go into battle, gave me a longsword, saying that it was a family heirloom and would keep me safe. Then, we entered the fray….

It took weeks before the enemy was finally defeated, and though I wanted to stay and help with reparations, it was my duty to go forth and find other threats. Before I left, my recruiting officer gave me a signet ring, saying that it is a symbol of my position as an inquisitor and would be known in the world. When presented for inspection by a true inquisitor, the symbol would glow like a hot brand. Saying farewell to my home, I began my journey to the surface.

Along the way, I came across a drow who looked like he hadn’t eaten for a few days. After taking a look around, since drow aren’t usually alone in the outer reaches of the underdark, I was satisfied that he was in fact alone and approached him. Keeping our distance from each other, we traded questions to get an idea of what our respective purposes were until we decided that neither of us was looking for a fight. I agreed to share what rations I had in exchange for the security of having another pair of eyes watching my back. We eventually made our way to the surface, a land where there is an emptiness called a sky that reaches out further than you or I could imagine, and a giant ball of fire goes from one end to the other on a daily basis. There’s no telling what new things I will discover hear, or what journeys lie in wait….


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